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4th International Lesvos Tango Meeting

It's here 

Molivos_Lesvos Island_Greece
Summer tango vacati
on in the aegean spirit!!!

*18h of workshops *9 performances *4 open air milongas *2 sunset pool milongas & cocktail party *tango clothes and shoes show*Molivos sailing tours *natural hot spa *scuba diving

On the island of Lesvos, in idyllic Molyvos exceptional teachers, dancers and musicians from all over the world and the birth place of tango Argentina will share Argentinean tango master classes, workshops, performances and magical musical experiences during 4 full days of activities.

Participants of Lesvos Tango Meeting can be dancers of all levels and non-dancers who would like to share tango experience.

Activities of LESVOS TANGO MEETING will take place at Sunrise Resort Hotel.

You can check available services of Sunrise Resort Hotel at


Make a 3600virtual tour @ SUNRISE HOTEL via http://www.omegatechnology.biz/virtualpresentations/sunrise/Sunrise_Sunrise.html



Ruben & Sabrina Veliz (Argentina)

Christian Marquez & Virginia Gomez (Los Totis) (Argentina)

Loukas Balokas & Georgia Priskou (Greece)

Utku Kuley & Iris Basak Dogdu (Turkey)

Guest maestros

Aydin Kocamusaoglu & Pelin Koyun (Turkey)

Michalis Souvleris & Maria Kalogera (Greece)

Special guests

Martin Nymann & Anna Sol (Norway, Denmark)

Guest Performers

Nikos Kantartzopoulos & Margarita Riga (Greece)

Thanos Syropoulos & Maria Mastropoulou (Greece)


La Rubia (Argentina)

Christos Pater (France, Greece)

Cumhur Dilek (Turkey)

Ilias Selalmazidis (Greece)

Thanasis Megaloikonomos (Greece)

General informations 

For programmand more informations: www.theotheraegean.com

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