Agios Isidoros
Kanonaki beach
Skala Kallonis
Skala Kallonis

Whether you prefer sand, pebbles, vegetation or rocks, Lesvos is blessed with many superb beaches with cold blue waters and striking landscapes, offering a wide choice of quiet or fun-packed holidays.

The organized beaches have the facilities for all-day fun. Those beaches that attract fewer people will appeal to holiday-makers seeking tranquility but not solitude or isolation. And for those demanding purists, Lesvos has alternatives that offer a total primal encounter with untouched nature. You’ll discover even more small or large beaches if you explore the coastline by boat or on foot. There is always some private spot to be found by the water, especially if you like swimming off rocks.

Mytilene area

Βeaches near the city

For those of you wishing to spend time in the city, the beaches of Vareia, Vigla, Neapoli, and Kratigos on the way to the airport are a quick solution. Another nearby spot is Blokia, behind the statue of Liberty on the outer side of the breakwater, is a great place for shallow diving. Swimming in the shallows at Apeili, beyond Tsamakia Beach, is totally cult since you’ll find only locals there.

Relaxing in tranquil coves

But if you’re an incurable romantic, you can spend endless hours lounging on the beaches or relaxing in tranquil coves and picturesque seaside hamlets. Try Haramida, Agios Ermogenis, Kanoni, Petalidi, Skala Mystegni, Skala Baltziki (Nees Kydonies), Pedi, Tsonia, Kayia, Eftalou, Faneromeni, Nyfida, Melinta, Tarti, or Evreaiki.

If you’re the solitary sort, or demanding and restless, you’ll readily find the peace and quiet you long for in the island’s otherworldly landscapes or secluded, virgin beaches just a few kilometers off road. Ftelia, Ligonari, Tsilia, Mersinia, Drota, Agios Fokas, Achladeri, Apothika, Podaras, Chrousos, Tsichlionta, Ancient Antissa, Tsamour Limani, Mikri and Megali Tsichranta, Yeni Limani, Palios, and Agios Stefanos are for you.

Τhe most developed beaches

The most developed beaches on the island – Tsamakia Beach in Mytilene, Molyvos, Petra, Anaxos, Sigri, Skala Eressos, Skala Kalloni, Vatera, and Agios Isidoros – await you with exciting water sports.

Βeaches for swimming near Μantamados

There are good places to swim in Pedi, Palio, Aspropotamos, the harbor of Kapi, and Tsonia (the seaport of Kleio). In the summer you’ll find tavernas there with fresh fish and fine local meat and cheeses.

Beaches near petra

Petra has a marvelous sandy beach with hotels, rooms, colorful tavernas, trendy bars, and restaurants. It’s a lively place, day and night, and perfect for family holidays. Organized beaches in scenic bays provide umbrellas and lounges, beach-side service and water sports. Beautiful stone mansions with gardens filled with jasmine, palm trees and fruit trees give the village a particular elegance.

Skala Eressos

A beautiful 4 kilometer-long road lined with mulberry trees and poplars takes you from the mountain village to its seaside settlement, Skala Eressos (also called Yialos). The fragrant plain or kambos of Eressos extends before you with its tidy gardens and holiday homes. On your left is Vigla hill and behind that is historic Xokastro in the most privileged spot with the best view in the area. On the right is the rock with the chapel of the Prophet Ilias, and between that is the stunning beach with much to offer. The water is cold and crystal clear, and the beach is 2½ kilometers long with fine greyish rice-like grains of sand that won’t stick to your skin. On the beach you’ll see the Blue Flag of Europe, which awarded to the cleanest seas and beaches in the Mediterranean.

Lesvos Beaches

Sandy squeaky beaches, some with pebbles, rocks or seaweed.

Cold blue water, fascinating landscape, sometimes quiet and sometimes for fun.

  • EOT Beach, Tsamakia
  • Kanoni Thermis
  • Petalidi
  • Skala Neon Kidonion
  • Skala Mystegnon
  • Ksampelia
  • Pedi
  • Agios Stefanos
  • Tsonia
  • Kagia, Sikamnia
  • Eftalou
  • Molyvos Beach
  • Petra
  • Anaxos
  • Tsihrada
  • Gavathas
  • Sigri, Faneromeni
  • Sigri beach
  • Kohilopotamos
  • Limena
  • Tsihlionta
  • Skala Eressou beach
  • Hrousos
  • Tavari
  • Skala Kallonis
  • Nufida
  • Vatera
  • Drota
  • Melinta
  • Agios Isidoros
  • Haramida
  • Agios Ermogenis
  • Evriaki
  • Tarti
  • Ftelia
  • Mirsinia
  • Ligonari
  • Kratigos
  • Katia



One of the most unique regions in the Mediterranean, Vatera is characterized by its unrivaled natural beauty. Its 9-kilometer stretch of beachfront whose width ranges from 10 to 30 meters is one of the island’s most famous resorts. During the summer you’ll find many lodgings, tavernas and bars for comfortable, carefree seaside holidays.

Idyllic beaches near plomari

The pebble beaches and turquoise waters of Drota at Akrasi and Melinta at Palaiohori present unique landscapes that are at once exciting and restful. Although they are relatively hard to reach, they are well worth the trip. The tavernas on both beaches are truly authentic. If you have a boat, you simply must go to Kryfti Panagia, located on the rocks. Take a dip in the deep turquoise sea and feel the Aegean coursing through your veins!

In the bay of gera
The most beautiful and developed of the beaches is Tarti, which has crystal clear turquoise water and is located at the foot of a verdant hill. Thousands of tourists flock here every summer to enjoy, among other things, the abundant fresh fish served in the quaint tavernas. The beach-side service is not to be missed! Equally enchanting are the quiet bays of Tsilia, Ligonari, Tsafi, Fara and Yialiotissa, which are a boater’s paradise.