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An island for all sessions

Water sports, romantic seashores, tranquil coves, lounging in cult cafés and trendy eateries, frenzied clubbing, and lots of ouzo and mezes.

If you’re a summer person, you’ll find all sorts of activities. The most developed beaches on the island – Tsamakia Beach in Mytilene, Molyvos, Petra, Anaxos, Sigri, Skala Eressos, Skala Kalloni, Vatera, and Agios Isidoros – await you with exciting water sports.
But if you’re an incurable romantic, you can spend endless hours lounging on the beaches or relaxing in tranquil coves and picturesque seaside hamlets. Try Haramida, Agios Ermogenis, Kanoni, Petalidi, Skala Mystegni, Skala Baltziki (Nees Kydonies), Pedi, Tsonia, Kayia, Eftalou, Faneromeni, Nyfida, Melinta, Tarti, or Evreaiki.
If you’re the solitary sort, or demanding and restless, you’ll readily find the peace and quiet you long for in the island’s otherworldly landscapes or secluded, virgin beaches just a few kilometers off road. Ftelia, Ligonari, Tsilia, Mersinia, Drota, Agios Fokas, Achladeri, Apothika, Podaras, Chrousos, Tsichlionta, Ancient Antissa, Tsamour Limani, Mikri and Megali Tsichranta, Yeni Limani, Palios, and Agios Stefanos are for you.

For those of you wishing to spend time in the city, the beaches of Vareia, Vigla, Neapoli, and Kratigos on the way to the airport are a quick solution. Another nearby spot is Blokia, behind the statue of Liberty on the outer side of the breakwater, is a great place for shallow diving. Swimming in the shallows at Apeili, beyond Tsamakia Beach, is totally cult since you’ll find only locals there.

For you easy-going slow movers, nothing beats hanging out at the city’s hip cafés, the traditional ouzeries, the trendy eateries, and the all-day bars, not to mention other tourist destinations that are fast becoming more tantalizing every day.
Those visitors with gourmet preferences will finde heaven sampling the various aniseed-infused ouzos and the special mezes (snacks) that traditionally accompany the drink. Of course, this doesn’t mean missing out on the excellent wines available in the island’s many fine restaurants, or chilled beer, and anything else involving wine and spirits.
Sailors and boaters will find unique conditions on the island. Its many virgin beaches, small leeward harbors, and enchanting secluded spots make Lesvos an unforgettable experience. Be sure to visit the Tokmakia, the islets across from the beaches at Mantamados, Agios Georgios, the islet opposite Petra, and Kryfti Panagia between Drota and Melinta.
And if you’re a jeep-safari or motocross fanatic, Lesvos is sure to lure you with its infinite exciting routes and many kilometers of fantastic dirt roads.
Put on your bathing suit, sunglasses, hat, flip-flops or walking shoes and give yourself over to a marvelous whirlwind of carefree summertime joy. Don’t worry. The only risk is addiction to the island’s enchanting beauty!

An Island for All Seasons
In and around the city, closeby or further afield, Lesvos offers so many options that you’ll never be bored.
The residents of Mytilene live, work and play all year long in their small but vibrant city. If you decide to visit the island any time other than summer, you’ll encounter an entirely different scene.
You’ll see students in the hip young café-bars along the waterfront, locals in the market, and in the tavernas and restaurants – a picture characteristic of the camaraderie you’ll find in small, accessible places that makes them so different from large metropolises.
Mytilene’s liveliness is due to the fact that the headquarters of University of the Aegean and the Ministry of the Aegean are located there, but also to the respectable number of business travelers who routinely pass through the town.
Off-seasons visits to the villages give you the opportunity to get to know them as never before. You’ll have the absolute peace and quiet to discover their vernacular architecture. Stroll the empty kalderimia and experience a true connection with nature. And abandon yourself to the magical atmosphere in the island’s unique spas for a unique, virturally mystical experience.